One of the things one might not like to think of too much is the amount of calories you are eating every day. You might feel guilty for eating too much, or maybe you just don't care at all. Either way, calories do matter if you want to stay (or get) in shape! But how are you supposed to calculate the amount of calories that are in your daily meals?

You might feel a bit overwhelmed reading the description on the backside of packages of food products: there are a lot of ingredients and numbers. One of the things these package tell you is the amount of calories that is in it. If not: use the internet to sort it out yourself.


Calculating the amount of calories you can eat can be complicated. It all depends on your length, condition, gender and the kind of calories. We have tried to make it easier for you by defining it into a few easy guidelines. Note that losing weight can be hard, trying to avoid calories at all is NOT the best way to stay fit.
A man needs 2500 calories every day, for a woman this is 2000. These amounts are different for every individual. Its all about finding the right, and healthy, products to keep you in shape, without damaging your body.

Just to give you an impression:

4 sandwiches (500 calories)
1 bag french fries (600 calories)
1 glas of water (0 calories)
1 bag of Doritos (200 calories)
2 glases of coke (200 calorieen)

The misleading part of these numbers is the amount of sugar that is in some of the products. I hope you can tell the products described above are not the kind of dieet one should eat to lose weight, even though there are only 2000 calories in it. Eating less calories does not necessarily mean you will lose weight. If you want too lose weight in a healthy way, its not about the AMOUNT of calories, but about the KIND of calories.

Please be aware of the fact that you as well need enough calories to stay energetic and healthy. Keep this in mind when you try to lose weight: the fastest way isn't always the best way! Try to consult a specialist to find to perfect dieet for you.