Even after you die, there are some cost you can't escape. One of these are the costs of your funeral. You might not expect, but having a funeral can be quite expensive. Do you really want your relatives to have to deal with all of these expenses? I guess not. So take notes and make sure you took care of this before your time has come.

There are several ways you can organize your funeral, but the most options common are the 'traditional' funeral or cremation. Depending on your wishes you can make it as small or outgoing as you like.


Still there are certain services everyone needs to pay for there funeral. There are rules to make sure the funeral is save and hygienic. Every customer need to pay for these costs, regardless of your personal wishes and arrangements.

These services include:

- Funeral planning
- Securing the necessary permits
- Death certificates
- Sheltering the remains
- Organizing the arrangements with the cemetery/crematory

Beside these common coasts, there are certain charges for other services like:

- Transportation
- Embalming the body
- Staff for the graving services
- Ceremony or memorial service

And of course don't forget the expenses you have to make outside of the services, like the casket, flowers, music, pallbearers etc. Make sure you have those covert as well.

Traditional funeral:

For the traditional funeral you will need a casket, which can vary from normal priced to really expensive. Same as in price, these caskets can vary widely in style. Depending on your wishes for the quality and visual appealing, the prices vary from 2,000 to 10,000.


For cremation you can eliminate the costs of buying a casket. In this case its even possible to rent a casket, in case you don't want a ceremony in which your body is present. One can say that this is a cheaper alternative if you want to leave the casket out.

All the cost named above can vary, depending on your wishes and needs. By sorting out all of the options in time you can save a lot of money, and of course save your loved once a lot of stress taking care of these things after you died.