If you are reading this you are probably considering booking a holiday trip. Weightier this is a small low budget trip, or a expensive trip far away, calculating you traveling cost in advance is always a good idea. Its quite easy to do. You open a blank spreadsheet on your computer and write down your budget and all the expenses you are expecting to make.

Where and when you book your holiday trip can have a big impact on the price you will pay for it. Some trips require an expensive plane ticket, but once you are at your destination your expenses will be cheaper compared to holiday destinations nearby.

If you considering booking a holiday trip at a far away destination, it might be smart to book your ticket in time. This can easily save you a few hundred dollars. The more you save on your ticket, the more you can spend while being there. If you are traveling by car you can find several online tool to calculate the fuel costs for you.

The expenses you have while traveling depend on several factores:

-The holiday season
-The location of your holiday trip
-The price of your transportation
-The price of you accommodation
-The budget you can spend on food
-The quality of the food you are going to eat
-The location where you will buy your food
-The amount of family members you are traveling with
-Extra insurances you might need
-Extra required documents like visa
-Extra vaccinations you might need
-In some cases extra activities

Things you can do to save money while being on a holiday trip:

-Negotiate about prices
-Bring your own food
-Book flights in time
-Ask for discount when you are with a big group
-Cut down on the amount of souvenirs you buy
-Search the internet for discount tickets

Even when you stick to your budget plan, you might find yourself in situations that require spending more money. Therefor its smart to save a little extra for unexpected situations, we advice 10% of your holiday budget. This little buffers is there to make sure you donít run out of money in a way that might ruin your holiday trip.